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500_fanfics's Journal

500 fanfics in 2008...
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Can you manage to read 500 fanfics in one year?
So this is it. After tons of comms for your episodes, movies and books finally there's one for all the fanfic-addicts.

Alright so this year these comms which give you a certain amount of how much you should read/ watch/ listen to seemed to be exploding. All over my f-list there were people agreeing to challenges and finally they got me ;) So I was asked if I would agree on a little challenge. 500 fanfics in 2008 and I wondered: isn't there anyone else outside in this huge lj-world who want's to join me?

So this is how this works:

You join and make a list of your stories read with a link to the story, the fandom, pairing, the according warnings in case it's NC-17, rape, h&c etc. and hide it all under a lj-cut.
Furthermore you tag it with your username so you just need to make updates and not post a superlong list everytime.
It would be great if you could also either give a rating of the story or a short comment because obviously everyone who lands here needs good recs.

Stories that are counting are:

+ finished and unfinished ones
+ of all ratings and all lenghts
+ all fandoms which includes originals
+ stories you already read
+ stories of all languages

So basically everything is counting (if not it would be impossible for most of the readers since there are a lot of fans who prefer stories with 30.000+ words).

So if you got questions: don't hesistate to ask your friendly mod, me catta2290

Wanna become an affiliate? Just do it like spn_guidebook already did and ask :)